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What is Judo?

Judo is a martial art that consists of throws, sweeps, holds, joint locks and chokes used for Randori (free play) and self-defense. It involves training the mind and body as well as general fitness.

Will my training be based on me competing?

No, we have students of all ages and recognize that competitions are not for all students. Our goal is that you have fun, develop fitness and self-defense while learning Judo.

Why do you practice falling/throwing so much?

One of the key features of Judo and similar martial arts is throwing. We teach you how to properly fall to protect yourself while training and in a realistic situation.

Can I really throw someone bigger than I am?

Judo is not based on strength, but on breaking the opponent's balance. Once their balance is broken it becomes much easier to throw them.

Do I have to attend seminars, workshops and competitions?

All students are encouraged to attend these functions even if it is only to observe and support your fellow students. Although by participating you have an opportunity to test your skills and learn new ways to apply and/or improve your skills and techniques.

How often do I get promoted?

Testing of a students' skills and knowledge are based on several factors; there is a minimum time requirement between each promotion, class participation is important, each student progresses differently and your Sensei will know when you are ready. 

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Is any Membership reguired?

No, Jefferson City Judo Club has memberships in the Amateur Athletic Union Sports Organization and the USA Judo Organization. Memberships to these organizations is not required unless the student wishes to compete in events sanctioned by the respective organization.

How much is the membership?

The basic cost of the AAU membership 

Adults - $29 per year

Children - $14 per year (extended coverage is available for an additional $2)

USA Judo membership is $75 per year.

Membership costs are determined by the individual organization and are subject to change.

When do I pay my membership?

The AAU membership period runs from September 1st through August 31st. 

AAU does not pro-rate their membership.

USA Judo membership runs for a full twelve months from the date you paid.

Again memberships are not required unless you intend on competing in sanctioned events by the respective organization.

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