Instructor Team

Sensei Josh Lehmen


  • Sensei Josh Lehmen an Instructor for Jefferson City Judo Club earned his Black Belt in 2018. He began his training with Jefferson City Judo in 1986 under Sensei Dale Otto where he earned his Green Belt before taking a break from judo in the early 90's.  Realizing he missed judo he returned to his judo training in 2015. In September of 2019 Sensei Lehmen earned his Ikkyu (Brown belt) in Shin-Gi-Tai Jujitsu. Sensei Lehmen's enthusiasm for the art shows when he is training and working with the students.

Sensei John McDaniel


  • Sensei John McDaniel an Instructor for Jefferson City Judo Club began his training in 1971 at the Belleville Judo Club in Belleville, Illinois under Sensei Quentin Thompson. He earned his Shodan (1st degree) black belt in 1985. In 1985 he also opened the Perryville Judo Club. He is proud of the many successes of his students in judo as well as their lives over the years. He served as the assistant Sensei at Southeast Missouri State University for 4 years. In May of 2014 he earned his Sandan rank; 3rd degree black belt. In January 2018 he became a National Judo Referee and a National Certified Coach.

Sensei Steve Thompson


  • Sensei Steve Thompson  is an Assistant Instructor for Jefferson City Judo Club.  Sensei Thompson began his martial arts training in the early 1990s' in Shotokan Karate earning his first Black Belt in 1997. While training in Karate he began studying Aikijutsu under Sensei Michael Smith and earned his Black Belt in Aikijutsu. Sensei Thompson assisted his Sensei, Sensei Michael Smith with the Jefferson City Judo Club and received his Black Belt in Judo in 2012. He enjoys helping the students attain their judo goals.

Instructor Team

Sempai Wyatt Suling


  • Senpai Suling began his martial arts training in Judo in 2013 while attending Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. In 2014 he became president of the Judo Club at Syracuse University and was instrumental in helping the club grow. In 2016 he took over the training and tournament planning as the club instructor at Syracuse University. After graduating  he moved back to Missouri and joined the Jefferson City Judo Club in 2017 to continue his training. Sempai Suling earned his Ikkyu Rank in 2018. He enjoys the friendships Judo creates as well as the study of the art itself.



All Training begins with Respect

  • Respect of the Martial Art  
  • Respect for the Sensei, and
  • Respect for the Students    



Gi -  uniform worn during training

  • Uwagi - jacket      
  • Shitabaki - pants
  • Obi - belt